• Album

    Two For The Road

    2013.11.13 RELEASE / ¥ 2,500


    • The Boy From Ipanema
    • Love For Sale
    • Manha De Carnaval
    • My Foolish Heart
    • Autumn Leaves
    • Charade
    • Smile
    • Blue Bossa
    • Two For The Road
    • You Don't Know What Love Is
    • For Heaven's Sake
    • My Favorite Things
    • EKI / ( At The Station )

    折子の音楽には輝く未来がある。おおらかな雰囲気の彼女の周りで一緒に音楽を創り上げて行くのはとても心地良い事だった、まさに、これこそが彼女の音楽そのものと言える(解説マーク・ソースキン MARK SOSKIN )
    SETSUKO has a bright musical future ahead of her and to get to be around her easy going personality. This shows in her music. ...!

    MARK SOSKINとKEITH INGHAM, 二人の偉大なピアニストと奏でるふたつの世界。

    MARK SOSKINがSETSUKOの為だけにアレンジした " Manha De Carnaval "等 12曲と、サプライズのBonus Track " 駅 "( 竹内まりや )の 全13曲。
    SETSUKOのJazz & Bossaのセンスが煌めく気取りないくつろぎのヴォーカルサウンド。

    SETSUKO sings happily with two of great pianists MARK SOSKIN & KEITH INGHAM,
    who could make tow different types of music world.

    There are 13 songs in her CD including Manha De Carnaval arranged by MARK SOSKIN for only SETSUKO and also one surprising Bonus Track " EKI " Japanese song written by Mariya Takeuchi.
    It is very cozy & calm her own voice sound with her sense of Jazz & Bossa moods naturally, which recorded in New York on July in 2013.

  • Demo

    Demo 2011

    2011.05.16 RELEASE / ¥ SOLD OUT


    • Autumn Leaves
    • Charade
    • Fly Me To The Moon
    • My Foolish Heart
    • The Night Has a Thousand Eyes
    • Two For The Road

    SETSUKOの初めてのニューヨークレコーディング。Vocalist としてスタートした2011年、KEITH INGHAM TRIO とP.P.I studioにて。
    ちなみに Youtubeに最初にアップしたのは、このDemoからの" TWO FOR THE ROAD"。
    This is SETSUKO's first Demo CD recorded in New York. She did it at The P.P.I Studios with Keith Ingham trio when she just started singing performance as a Vocalist in 2011.
    Just to tell you all...TWO FOR THE ROAD that she put it on Youtube for the first time was from this Demo CD!!!!